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A Dental Checkup Will Detect Developing Oral Health Problems

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Maintaining a healthy mouth is essential for maintaining your quality of life. To address this important fact the American Dental Association recommends that you have a routine dental checkup performed twice each year by a dentist like Dr. Samy Samaan.

The outpatient appointment starts with a dental hygienist administering a professional dental cleaning treatment. This also includes a polishing treatment to help remove minor dental stains from the surfaces of your teeth.

Once this is done Dr. Samy Samaan will perform a comprehensive dental exam. This includes checking your mouth for signs of tooth decay, periodontal disease and oral cancer. Be sure to let him know if you have noticed anything abnormal since your last dental checkup.

If you have been experiencing symptoms of tooth sensitivity related to tooth enamel erosion or there are other concerns about the strength of your tooth enamel he might recommend performing a fluoride treatment. If necessary, he might also provide you with a prescription for fluoride supplements.

These measures can help strengthen your teeth to reduce the sensation of tooth sensitivity while also helping to prevent future cavities.

If Dr. Samaan has any concerns about the health of your gums he will help you understand your treatment and preventive care options. This might include tips on how to improve your daily flossing efforts.

If you live in the Roswell, Georgia, area and you have an oral health concern, should call 678-878-2801 to schedule a dental checkup at Royal Dental Spa.