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Mouthrinse: Some Facts You May Not Know

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Mouthwash, which is an oral hygiene tool, can help you and your smile in many ways. It completes your oral hygiene routine by further cleaning your teeth and gums and it also improves your bad breath for many hours. Before you use mouthwash in your oral hygiene routine, our dentist, Dr. Samy Samaan, encourages you to know a few facts first.

The first fact is some mouthrinses are for cosmetic use only. This means they only work on giving you a pristine breath or whitening your teeth; they don’t help you nourish your teeth or fight tooth decay development. So, to make sure you have an operative mouthwash, it’s best to choose one that is antiseptic, antibacterial, or fluoridated and approved by the American Dental Association.

The second fact is that it’s best to rinse after you have brushed and flossed. This is because rinsing is only effective if your smile is already as clean as possible. The rinse will only remove the loosened particles that your toothbrush and floss couldn’t quite eliminate. The biggest benefit to mouthwash is that is can boost the health of your teeth and kill oral bacteria. So, make sure you do not replace your brushing and flossing routines with rinsing.

The third fact is that rinses with high levels of alcohol can make rinsing unpleasant. This is because the alcohol creates a burning or stinging sensation in the gums, cheeks, and other oral tissues. Usually, rinses that range from having 18 to 26 percent of alcohol create this feeling. Not every rinse does this, so you can avoid it if you would like.

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