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Teeth Suffering From Enamel Erosion Are at Increased Risk for Dental Fractures

Healthy tooth enamel is intended to be hard enough to handle biting and chewing most common foods. However, individuals who frequently consume acidic beverages each day or struggle to maintain consistent oral hygiene habits can start to experience problems with tooth enamel erosion. If it goes untreated the compromised teeth could be at increased risk of suffering chips and dental... read more »

Restoring a Knocked Out Tooth with a Dental Bridge

The American Association of Endodontists notes that automotive accidents and sports injuries are two of the more common causes of significant dental trauma. In some of these instances, the damage to a single tooth is so severe, that endodontic therapy cannot viably treat it. Patients with a tooth in this condition often need a dentist like Dr. Samy Samaan to... read more »

Dental Restorations: Dental Bonding

  Are you aware of any ailments or problems that plague your smile? Do you have any teeth damage that stands out and causes more hassle than it may be worth? The good news is, even if you have dental damage to a tooth that may be hard to reach, it can be easily repaired with a cosmetic dentistry procedure.... read more »