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If you are looking to revitalize your smile, our dentist may recommend Lumineers®, a remarkable breakthrough in dental veneer technology. Lumineers can be used to repair cracks or chips, cover staining or discoloration, and even improve subtly crooked teeth. Talk to our team at Royal Dental Spa to learn if Lumineers are right for you.

Dental veneers have been around for many years, and are an effective restorative and cosmetic measure. One concern many patients have, though, is traditional veneers require the removal of significant portions of tooth structure. Due to their bulk, veneers would substantially increase tooth size if this were not the case.

But Lumineers are different. Due to their incredible thinness, no tooth structure typically needs to be removed. Instead, the sturdy porcelain shells are attached directly to the front of teeth, providing an instant improvement to your smile with minimal preparation.

Dr. Samy Samaan begins by carefully examining your smile. This may involve X-rays or other imaging. We will also consult with you to determine the perfect shade for your Lumineers.Then casts and measurements are made of your teeth, and sent to the DenMat lab where all Lumineers veneers are made.

Once they are delivered, we will call you in to have your Lumineers placed. This is a comfortable, painless process that can be completed in one sitting–and your new smile will be finished! Lumineers, if properly cared for, can last up to 20 years.

If you would like to learn more about Lumineers in Roswell, Georgia, as well as any of our other cosmetic services, we invite you to call Royal Dental Spa today at 678-878-2801. We look forward to serving you!